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Are you interested in advertising on Protosbay. We meet custom solutions to your needs. If you want to promote your item, we will be implementing that shortly.

Bitcoin was invented for the poor

Paid Advertisements

If you want to have a paid advertisement with a specific location on protosbay, we can accomodate most needs. We do not do images larger than 300x300. Any illegal sites or possible scams will not be considered.

Trade Advertisements

Bitcoin is about peer to peer trading, and we support ad-to-ad advertising. Send a link of your site and we can work out a trade agreement for cross site advertising.

Helping Small Entrepeneurs

Are you a small business, or created a website that can change the world? Starting off can be tough but Protosbay is here to help. Send us a link if your site/business, and a reason why we should support your idea.


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