Welcome to Protosbay

Our goal at Protosbay is to provide a safe and easy way to buy, sell, and trade with bitcoin. We believe strongly in user privacy, digital currencies, and the future of bitcoin. We built this site with the idea in mind that any person, from a poor to rich country, has the same opportunity to buy and sell there goods. We do not require yearly fees or that are a barrier for people to enter the market.


Our privacy policy is pretty simple. We don't sell or even want your personal information. Email's are the only piece of personal information we collect. This is used for account security purposes. To help with privacy protection, we take the following measures.
  • We dont take your personal info or store it.
  • Shipping and tracking information is deleted once an order is finalized
  • Messages are deleted after 14 days

Built on User Reputation

Protosbay is built on the reputation of the user. Every user of the site has statistics and feedback shown to the users. Level up by getting experience from selling, buying, trading, or contributing to Protosbay. Level down by bad reputation. Decide who you want to trade with based on reputation.

Buy and Sell Items for Bitcoin

We are creating a better way to due commerce. No need for a credit card, no hassles of banks, or creditors. Anyone worldwide can use the same single currency on our site.
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