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WINGONEER(r) trademark Reg.NO:4747611Description The item is a set of 560pcs professional and practical 1/4W Carbon film resistors with the accuracy of 1%, they consist of 56 values from 1ohm to 10Mohm, and each value has 10pcs identical resistors. With high performance and easy to use, it is really a wonderful Carbon film resistors for choice. Features - Quantity: Totally 560 Pieces (56 Values, Each value 10pcs). - 100% brand new and high quality 56 Values 1/4W 0.25W 1% Carbon film Resistors Assorted Kit Set. - 1/4W Carbon film Resistor accuracy of 1%. - Resistors: 1ohm to 10Mohm (1ohm, 2.2ohm, 4.7ohm, 5.6ohm, 7.5ohm, 8.2ohm, 10ohm, 15ohm, 22ohm, 27ohm, 33ohm, 39ohm, 47ohm, 56ohm, 68ohm, 75ohm, 82ohm, 100ohm, 120ohm, 150ohm, 180ohm, 220ohm, 270ohm, 330ohm, 390ohm, 470ohm, 510ohm, 680ohm, 820ohm, 1kohm, 1.5kohm, 2.2kohm, 3kohm, 3.9kohm, 4.7kohm, 5.6kohm, 6.8kohm, 7.5kohm, 8.2kohm, 10kohm, 15kohm, 22kohm, 33kohm, 39kohm, 47kohm, 56kohm, 68kohm, 75kohm, 82kohm, 1Mohm, 1.5Mohm, 2Mohm, 3.3Mohm, 4.7Mohm, 5.6Mohm, 10Mohm. Package Including 1 x 56 Values 1/4W Carbon film Resistors Assorted Kit Set pack of 560pcs(1ohm-10Mohm)

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prices r a little high
fuck this guyyyy
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