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Ease your baby's teething discomfort while getting them started on early dental hygiene habits. The nubs and wide handle introduce your baby to a toothbrush, while the anti-choke shield prevents your child from over inserting. Soft-textured nubs soothe achy gums and the easy hold handle is perfectly sized for little grips. CHUBBY GUMMY is made with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and polypropylene (PP) - safe materials that are BPA & phthalate free. Say hello to your baby's new favorite teething gummy.

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All good. Got what I ordered.
prices r a little high
fuck this guyyyy
Clear-cut, simple transaction - thanks!
Great Seller!!! Thank you!!!
Excellent product, thank you
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A+ Fast shipping, great packaging!!
Great seller
Perfect! Very affordable and exactly as described.
It came fast and it worked.
As advertised
Fast shipping
Lower prices on ebay from this seller
Very happy with purchase.
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As advertised
great seller
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